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Happy New Year to all the friends of Munna Beach.

Posted in Apartments @ Jan 11th 2017 2:15pm - By Munna Beach Apartments
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Main Beach at Noosa has been about as busy as it ever gets, and holidaymakers have been enjoying perfect summer weather. A few overcast days and summer storms have cooled things down and characterise a classic Queensland Summer. Everywhere you look in Noosa families are having fun, either building sandcastles or playing cricket on the beach, or out on the river in small boats or on SUP boards kayaks and all manner of watercraft.

The traffic has been a challenge as always at this time of the year, but the Free holiday bus has been well employed and appreciated by many families who found that or the Ferry the best way to get around. Munna Beach has been a busy and happy place.

The resort lends itself perfectly for family groups holidaying together. Many families have come back year after year to Munna Beach Apartments, and are now delighted to discover the improvements within and without the resort, that make their stay even more enjoyable than before. Check out some of the fabulous reviews Munna Beach has been getting on Trip Advisor and book your next holiday with us today.



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