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Cyclone Debbie in Noosa

Posted @ Apr 7th 2017 9:49am - By iLaunch Support
Debbie Noosa

The recent weather event in the aftermath of cyclone Debbie left Noosa with uprooted trees along Gympie Terrace and with some damage to trees near the boardwalk, but generally speaking, no major damage or lasting destruction with comparison with other parts of Queensland where communities are struggling to recover from floods and ferocious storms.

The beach was remarkably benign in the immediate aftermath of the storm, and it was three days after the storm that the expected big swells arrived. The river was discoloured from the turbid water arriving from the upper river. It always clears quickly and holidaymakers enjoyed the beach and the river despite the few days of overcast skies. Munna Beach weathered the storm well, and remains as wonderful as ever.



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