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Munna Beach has the perfect holiday apartment for you

Keep up to date with Munna Beach Apartments accommodation, specials and local events through the Munna Beach Apartments blog.

It has been a couple of months since we refreshed our Blog page and as always in Noosa there has been a lot going on.
There is always a celebration or an event of some sort, happening in our wonderful vibrant community.

If you are planning a holiday it pays to have a look at what is going on in town to add another element of interest to you holiday.

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Noosa Jazz Weekend is here!

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Posted in Attractions at 03 September, 2016

Noosa is all jazzed up. Trumpets, trombones and saxophones will fill the air over the next 10 days for Noosa's Festival of Jazz. There will be free and ticketed events at dozens of venues and a free Sunday concert in the park.......

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The new Munna Beach Website

Posted in Apartments at 05 August, 2016

The New Munna Beach Website is working beautifully and the feedback from guests has been very positive.......

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The Weather in Noosa

Photo 1
Posted in Location at 28 July, 2016

The weather has been divine. After some very cold and dreary days, Noosa is now showing off its winter weather. The days have been blue and bright and the water clean and clear. The weekends have been busy, but well worth the trip to enjoy this very speci...

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Noosa Long Weekend Farewell

Posted in Location at 26 July, 2016

The crowds have all gone home from the Festivities of the Noosa Long Weekend, and what fun it was.....the streets were awash with feather and sequins, with fabulous street parades channelling Rio's Carnival. The event was a feast of cultural infusion for...

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We Love Noosa

Laguna Bay
Posted in Attractions at 14 July, 2016

Noosa has so many faces. The best surf beach in the country, the still water of the magnificent Noosa River and the most amazing National Park. We are blessed and spoiled with so much natural beauty surrounding us. Many intelligent caring and hard- workin...

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We Are Excited!!

Contact Us 1
Posted in Location at 14 June, 2016

Welcome to the new look Munna Beach Website. Munna Beach Apartments has a wonderful clientele of past guests who have enjoyed memorable holidays in this exceptional family- friendly Noosa Riverside resort. Munna Beach is now looking better than ever....

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10 50 Total of 46 Results

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